All Consulting Athenaeum

All Consulting Athenaeum is the Department of All Consulting that for several years has been providing training and initiatives for Insurance Companies, Insurance Brokers, Banks, Public and Private Companies and operators in general in the insurance sectors.
The extensive course catalogue is constantly updated and supplemented, also based on customer requests, distinguishing between classroom training courses, one-to-one training courses and E-learning courses.

Online, streaming and multimedia courses are available on All Consulting's proprietary WEB Learning platform, which can be used with any type of mobile device and is optimised for all IOS and Android devices.
Both basic and advanced training courses are held by experienced professionals and specialists in the training sector with high training skills.

All Consulting Athenaeum also provides Professional Training Courses for the preparation of loss adjusters able to operate in the world of insurance experts as Property & Casualty insurance experts.
The aim of Athenaeum is to provide a highly specialised training contribution in the insurance sector with courses also valid for the "IVASS" certification.


A certification of attendance is provided for all courses.

Customer satisfaction

All Consulting Athenaeum verifies Customer Satisfaction through questionnaires issued at the end of each course.

All the training provided by All Consulting Athenaeum meets the requirements for certifying professional updating as set out in the relevant legislation.