All Consulting Group is an important step in a process aimed at creating a structure capable of offering the insurance sector a wide range of services and activities.

All Consulting & Engineering was set up to manage specialty and frequent claims, provide consultancy and training in the technical-insurance sector.

The development of technological innovation over the years has led to a market need for highly specialised technical consultancy services, particularly in relation to electrical and electronic damage; thus, All Consulting Technology was born.

All Consulting Service was established in 2017 as a result of the important innovations and transformations in the sector which have a significant impact and which promote the importance and development of additional activities and services for users.


All Consulting & Engineering was born in Turin
Milan office opens
Start of collaboration with AC Emilia Romagna
All Consulting Technology was born
Rome office opens
Verona branch opens
Genoa office opens
Florence branch opens
All Consulting Service opens
Sassari office opens
All Consulting Group was born
Ancona branch opens
Cagliari branch opens
All Consulting Group sets up its own software house

How we work

The great synergy between companies and operating structures and technological innovation have always been the pillars on which the Group bases its activity.
The All Consulting Group team is characterised by young, professional and dynamic staff, specialised in the various sectors of intervention.

All Consulting Group guarantees multidisciplinary and multi-lingual skills and experienced professionals in the sector.

Intense initial training, periodic refresher workshops and the know-how of All Consulting Group's professionals make it a stable reality with solid roots in the past and a present in continuous evolution.


Our group consists of three companies

All Consulting Engineering

Handles "traditional" specialty and frequent claims in the property and casualty lines, risk engineering, training and TPA.

All Consulting Technology

Deals with claims involving electrical and electronical damages.

All Consulting Service

Company specialising in the coordination and management of activities and services to users in the sector of renovation, maintenance and general construction.

All Consulting Group strenght

Complete solutions

Ideas and opportunities

People, reliability and professionalism

Changes and innovation

International developments