All Consulting Technology

All Consulting Technology is the All Consulting Group's response to the need to offer the insurance market a highly specialised technical expert service for electrical and electronic damages.

Nowadays, where the continuous evolution of technology of all electrical appliances constantly updated approach to the management of claims, often relevant, All Consulting Technology provides a specific and complete service to Insurance Companies.
The solid training in the insurance field, the continuous research and development of innovative and more and more effective methodologies in claims management, have always been the three strong points of the activity.

All Consulting Technology guarantees a structured organisation, planning of activities and methodical compliance with processes, with work divided into stable teams, focused and specialised on macro-areas with a view to reducing insurance speculation.

The ability to harmonise on the one hand an approach based on the application of lean and accurate procedures and on the other hand consolidate experience in the sector, allows All Consulting Technology to offer an effective, efficient and extremely innovative service.

Our skills

All Consulting Technology can operate in the electrical and electronic, civil and industrial plant engineering and energy production plant sectors.

Moreover, the development of innovative and effective methodologies in the claims management and the new technologies available on the market allow All Consulting Technology to provide a careful and valid support to Insurance Companies also for damages related to renewable energies, such as photovoltaic, wind and waste-to-energy plants.


During the inspection, All Consulting Technology technicians, using specific assessment tools, clearly and precisely identify the possible causes of the loss and make an initial assessment of the extent of the damage.

The next stage is managed operationally by the loss adjuster, who acquires the information needed to manage the case, verifies the policy coverage and makes an estimate of the loss, which is then shared with the policy holder.

The creation of stable teams, made up of young, qualified and professional staff, makes it possible to guarantee a high level of service in terms of both quality and quantity of the claims to be managed, based on a structured method, precision and experience, with monitoring of timescales and costs.

In-house laboratory

All Consulting Group's operating sites have an in-house laboratory as a place for research and verification of consumer and industrial damages, for all those cases in which it is not possible to carry out exhaustive technical checks directly on site. The laboratories are equipped with the best technology for all types of assessment.

Direct repair

All Consulting Technology also offers a direct repair service, which replaces traditional monetary compensation with repair and replacement of damaged goods in domestic and commercial sectors.

The specialized technician, whenever the opportunity arises, explains to the policy holder the possibility to join the service that is implemented with the repair of the good on site and, in case the good is not susceptible to repair, with the replacement of the same with one with the same requirements and technical characteristics.

Our strengths

Highly qualified, reliable teams

Optimised organisation and procedures guarantee high-quality service.

Nationwide distribution

Fast response times throughout the country.

In-house technical laboratories

In-house laboratories reduce the costs and time required for technical inspections.