All Consulting is paying more and more attention to ICT and developments in this field. This is because it has chosen to have its own IT company, which represents great added value and ensures fast, effective and dynamic support.


SIPA (System of Insurance Process Administration) is a web application developed to optimise the coordination, management, and monitoring of each step of the insurance process in paperless mode.


OSE (On Site Expertise) is the Android app developed by All Consulting for the definition of on-site frequent claims directly during the inspection phase, drastically reducing management times.


OSElite is the app that allows the adjuster to upload in real time the documentation collected during the inspection, geo-localized and branded for all types of claims that cannot be managed with OSE.

3D photogrammetry

Surveys with 3D photogrammetry, the methodology that allows to develop a three-dimensional model from digital photographs.



Drones for recording video and/or photo documentation collection.

Smart devices

Smartphones, tablets, and mobile devices for optimised and versatile claims management.