All Consulting Group offers loss adjusting on specialty and frequent claims in the Property and Casualty sectors.



A large part of our business concerns property damages caused by fire, theft, storms, flood, etc...


The technological aspect in the industrial sector is extremely important and loss adjusting is very complex.

These assessments require a high level of knowledge of industrial sectors and are carried out by our team of engineers, architects and specialised technicians.


In the industrial sector a machinery breakdown, fire or any other loss causes, in addition to property damage, an interruption in production activity with consequent losses due to lost revenue and/or increased production costs.


Claims arising from special policies and which relate to the banking sector (BBB), cyber claims, etc



Assessment of damage caused by motor vehicles.


This covers damage in the personal, retail, corporate, etc. sphere.


Specialist liability claims cover complex and sensitive areas such as environmental liability, employers' liability, professional liability, directors' and officers' liability, etc.

liability and recall

These are damages to third parties arising from defective products, due to design, manufacturing or stogare, handling, packaging or other problems.

The subject of product recall is not dissimilar.

Report certification

Frequent claims are managed using proprietary Apps integrated with the SIPA (System of Insurance Process Administration) platform, which was specially developed to optimise the coordination, management and monitoring of each activity.

The mobile applications (Ose and Oselite) allow the adjuster to upload in real time the geo-referenced and branded documentation collected during the inspections, reducing data management times and avoiding accidental loss of information.

Our IT infrastructure optimises the site assessment process by increasing the accuracy of the data and information collected.

All collected data is uploaded to servers in real time, reducing the time it takes to gather the information

The system certifies the provenance (date, time, place) and authenticity of the documentation collected during the on-site survey