The BPO&TPA specialised Business Unit provides innovative outsourcing services and solutions to meet the sector's diversified and customised demand for Claims Management services.

The offering ranges from traditional outsourcing, up to a pre-determinated limit) to full outsourcing.

It is actively supported by a designed web platform specifically developed for outsourcing, which enables effective and flexible management of files and constant monitoring of the number and status of claims.

The service is aimed at public bodies, private companies, and insurance companies.
The BPO&TPA division can develop tailor-made services and solutions that are the result of a targeted, careful and shared analysis of the needs and requirements of each client, with a flexible operating process that can be optimised and integrated into the most diverse situations.

* What are S.I.R. (Self Insurance Retention) claims?

In order to reduce policy costs and cut down on the volume of frequent claims, in many liability policies for the Insurer handles only those claims whose value is higher than an amount agreed and indicated in the policy.

Claims of a lower amount are left to the direct care of the insured parties.

Our team

The BPO&TPA Business Unit is made up of a multi-disciplinary team of engineers, lawyers, architects, experts and, where necessary, forensic experts, who operate according to best practises in all the steps of the claim: from the investigation of the cause to the settlement agreement.


BPO&TPA of All Consulting Group can operate with its own structures directly throughout Italy and abroad through partnerships with international companies of the same level.

Great attention is dedicated to the effectiveness of communication through a single number for dedicated telephone assistance to clients and damaged parties.

Why choose BPO&TPA from All Consulting Group

Thanks to its know-how, the BPO&TPA service is efficient and reliable in administrative and application solutions, with a complete outsourced claims management service.

The timeliness of claims management and the limitation of costs, eliminating possible litigation, can transform the damage event into a service and "marketing" tool. In addition, the statistical tools available and provided by the software make it possible to offer a map of the most critical areas of business risk in order to evaluate various types of intervention.

Our strengths

Proprietary IT platform


Highly skilled people

Customer relationship

Customisable service