All Consulting Engineering


All Consulting & Engineering carries out its activities in the field of "traditional" claims, operating in a young and dynamic environment, where experienced professionals work exclusively, including engineers, lawyers, architects and economics graduates with educational backgrounds and many years of experience in all areas of insurance relevance.

The multidisciplinary and multilingual expertise guarantees a high standard of service in the handling and settlement of claims both nationally and internationally.

Its widespread presence throughout the country and its cutting-edge IT infrastructure are the pillars on which All Consulting & Engineering bases its structure. Its aim has always been to provide a complete and qualitatively superior service for extremely effective and efficient management of every single claim.

All Consulting & Engineering aims to build a solid and structured network at national and international level and to operate also in several foreign countries (Spain, France, Switzerland, Germany) thanks to synergies with similar Insurance Service Companies.

Our skills

Our skills in the various areas of operation:

  • technical, necessary for understanding the various dynamics that lead to the occurrence of a loss;
  • construction, in order to best operate engineering sectors;
  • legal, an indispensable support in the field of civil liability;
  • economics third party, for a structured approach to specific issues, such as the quantification of damage to goods, business interruption, etc...;
  • organisational, to better control the process of managing "frequency" claims.

Claims we manage

What we do

The Company deals with specialty and frequent claims at national and international level, in the property and casualty areas, risk engineering and training activities.

All Consulting effectively manages the entire process and multiple aspects of a claim: from data entry to the management and return of assignments, which are managed according to best practises and in accordance with the instructions issued by the Insurance company.


All Consulting & Engineering also has a team dedicated to outsourcing both for public companies and for national and foreign private groups. Over the years, the dedicated unit has gained extensive experience in the management of claims relating to all major insurance classes.


Internal and external training (to Clients) is provided through a Web Learning platform fully compliant with the Moodle project, the open-source reference for modular learning weel-known all over the world  and financially supported by a network of over 80 partners from all over the world.

How we work

All Consulting & Engineering is the owner of the SIPA (System of Insurance Process Administration) platform, specifically developed for the coordination, management, and monitoring of the loss adjusting activities.

The proprietary Apps that integrate the internal management system have enabled the development of an advanced model that represents an innovative and extremely effective work tool.

The operational support, together with the experience of the people who are part of the All Consulting & Engineering team, allows us to guarantee a high standard of service and to offer our clients the most innovative technologies available on the market.

The platform, which can also be used by mobile devices, operates in full compliance with the GDPR privacy regulations - General Data Protection Regulation and Legislative Decree 101/2018 with alert systems designed to prevent possible inefficiencies or delays in the management of files, guaranteeing totally paperless management.



Engineers, technicians, lawyers, architects: all the figures needed in every work team.


The SIPA proprietary software integrated with the apps guarantees a fast, precise, shared and certified document procedure.


CINEAS has been a partner company since 2008.